IQ300BC is a business tool and your HR expert.

The platform which brings together the customer and executor for business projects management: from the tasks formulation up to a real product creation.

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What is the IQ300 ?

Ecosystem for risk-free blockchain technology-based transactions making. Each transaction has the smart contracts which protect all participants’ interests. IQ300 converts each business into projects, tasks and their templates while creating applicable intellectual property in the platform information assets form. Users receive remuneration - TEMPUS tokens with the opportunity to convert them into any liquid capital for their activities.

Helps to effectively manage decentralized teams.

Ensures the transaction security.

Enshrine the author's right for the created template, allowing to earn tokens from it during all life.

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What is the way it works?

Platform participants create a Smart project with the implementation stages description.

The customer makes a prepayment to the Smart Project smart contract balance by TEMPUS platform tokens.

The customer assembles the team and launch the project.

Participants receive TEMPUS tokens to their electronic wallet from a smart contract at the end of each project stage.

Remuneration receipt in any currency form to an escrow account.


February 2014

Intellectual property

June 2015

iOS and Android
mobile apps

November 2016

"Digital Peaks"
award winners

August 2017

"Blockchain in Action"
hackathon winners

October - November 2017

Preparation for ICO;
System translation into English;
Tokens pre-sale;

March 2018

ICO seed-round;
Service catalog launch.

June 2018

Active project marketing
all over the world

Tokens distribution


Advisors, bounty campaign


The TEMPUS token is based on the ERC20 platform.
1,000,000,000 TEMPUS tokens will be released.

The system participants receive a revenue in the TEMPUS tokens form for a certain action on the platform:
- Projects/tasks creation;
- Project tasks implementation;
- Arbitration transaction expert support;
- Investment in projects.


Alexander Tkachev
Mikhail Boboshko
Shamil Hamadeev
IQ300 project development manager
Alexey Durnev
Big Data, AI
Yulia Yashkova
Olga Filatova
PR, marketing
Svetlana Smelik
PR, marketing
Yaroslav Samoylenko
Investor specialist
Andrey Podlesnykh
Elvir Nuriakhmetov
Backend Developer
Ilnur Gazizullin
Backend Developer
Galim Gazizov
Backend Developer
Irina Mikhailova
Viktor Chernyaev
Frontend developer


Rustam Davletbaev

Distributed Register Systems Center of Innopolis University Head

Dmitry Mishunin

Entrepreneur, coach, troubleshooter who has 10 years management experience in IT. Developed two top-30 E-commerce projects in Russia. The first HashEx blockchain integrator founder. Web Ready winner and Aggregion, Arbi advisor. DeCenter moderator. Consultant in Veeam Software, JetBrains, Wrike, Netwrix.

Pavel Fomin

State Management University’s Vice-Rector

Maxim Sudakov

Founder and Chairman of Chelyabinsk «Information Technologies Technopark» Directors Board.


Alexander Malkov

Arbi.Expert CEO


01. What is the reason for using blockchain by the project?

Blockchain guarantees data reliability in local (corporate) systems and combines all systems copies into a single interpreted BigData in the cloud.

02. Which exchange the tokens will be traded on?

Bitfinex, Polonex, Kraken, Wex, Exmo.

03. Whether there will be a bounty campaign?

Yes, 10% of the released tokens volume are intended for the bounty campaign.

04. What are the ways to use IQ300 tokens for users?

The tokens owners will be able to sell them on the exchange or use them in order to participate in the IQ300BC platform after ICO termination.

05. How can I get tokens?

Purchase by listing the required Ethereum amount in your account on,,

07. What is the way of refund guarantees?

refund is guaranteed by a smart contract - there are no risks for the token holder.

08. What is the successful experience of the project’s participants and founders?

There are 11 copyright certificates for software development (Mikhail Boboshko), 5 launched regional and urban projects: a safe city, people's control system, 10 years of experience in marketing and investor relations.

06. Why is the project is attractive for token holders?

Investors have an opportunity to invest TEMPUS tokens in projects which are created on the platform when buying them. Token holder money are protected from misuse. TPS can’t be stolen before the project termination. Investors are guaranteed to receive the money back as well as the income from the invested funds in the project upon the project termination on smart contract.

09. What will happen in case of fail to get the necessary amount for the project?

The funds will be returned if the total amount is not collected (soft).